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Welcome to the Guitar Lessons Perth – Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio. We are the first guitar school in Perth specifically focused on both fingerstyle and classical guitar teaching.

With almost 30 years of experience in the music field and after successfully teaching hundreds of students, we can easily guide you along your music journey.

Our goal is providing our students with the highest level of teaching in terms of quality and learning speed. This is the reason why we personally developed an advanced teaching method which combines the benefits of a weekly lesson with the teacher, along the ones of a 24h online assistance by means of our video guitar lessons archive.

If your dream is playing the guitar or even if you are just curious to know a little bit more about us we are more than happy to meet you at our studio in Carlisle. Feel free to book a trial/introductory lesson writing by Email or Call Us Today.

Why The Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio

“If your dream is playing the guitar, whether you are looking for classical guitar lessons or you want to master the fingerstyle guitar technique, the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio in Perth is the place you were looking for.

It is nothing less the realization of a dream of a lifetime, a place exclusively dedicated to the guitar in all its declinations where it is possible to relax and breath the beauty of the instrument. A place to play, teach, learn and share the passion for music and the knowledge I have been lucky enough to gained during all my years of experience. Everyone is welcome regardless of level and age, you need just to be a music lover and eager to learn”

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Types Of Guitar Lessons

Kids and Adult Lessons

Guitar Lessons Perth Fingerstyle Specialists

Wether you simply like music and you want to start playing the guitar from zero, or you are a lready familiar with the instrument but you would like to get the most out of it, the Guitar Lessons Perth – Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio is the perfect place to achieve your goal. The guitar is probably the most beautiful musical instrument of all, for sure the most versatile. Exactly because of this great versatility there are many different ways of playing and teaching it, but not all the ways are technically correct and effective. Here at the the Guitar Lessons Perth – Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio, thanks to more than 25 years of experience both in the teaching and the performing fields, we can easily and professionally assist you along your musical journey through the best learning paths possible. We are in fact proud to provide our students with the most advanced teaching method in Perth, which combines the benefits of a private lesson with the ones you can get from an online teaching method.

After several years of study and improvements we finally suceeded in developing the best method in terms of technical results and speed in the learning process. We are indeed the only guitar teaching institute in Perth which can offer the following teaching tools:

  1.   A 30 minutes weekly private lesson with a professional guitar teacher
  2.   Original designed teaching material, continuosly improved to help our students on their learning process
  3.   24 hours online access for all our students to our guitar lessons videos archive, in order to maximise their results by providing them with the chance of practising at home along the videos of their private lessons

We Specialize In

Highest Quality Teaching Levels and Outstanding Students Results

Wether you are a kid or an adult, wether you want to play classical guitar, acoustic guitar or fingerstyle electric guitar, wether you are a beginner or a medium-advanced guitarist, in just one year of study at the Guitar Lessons Perth – Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio you will be able to get and master all the fundamentals of the fingerpicking technique.

Our goal in fact is the highest quality both in terms of teaching levels and students results. This is the reason why we never stop from improving and perfecting our methods and from creating new tools to facilitate our students understanding process. Anyone can enjoy the instrument: it takes just passion, discipline and a bit of patience and any average skilled student will be able to achieve amazing results.

If you are interested in our courses or even if you are just curious about us and our teaching methods, feel free to contact us to book a trial-introductory lesson. In the meantime we strongly suggest you to have an attentive look at our site menu, you will find a lot of several contents which will easily show you why we stand out in the guitar teaching landscape.

The Final Goal Of Any Musician

The final goal of any musician, and in our particular case any guitarist, should be to master the technique of the instrument in order not only to be able to properly perform whatever kind of music we decide to play, but most important, to be able to personally arrange already existing music in a unique and personal way. This will allow the musician not only to express himself by the way he performs a given song, but even by the way he is able to adapt a music to the instrument and viceversa.

Being able to arrange a pop song, a folk-rock song, a movie soundtrack or any other kind of composition in a convincing way with the use of just one instrument is not only an incredible fullfilling experience for the musician himself, but for the listener too. But not only that, learning how to properly arrange a song will give the guitarist solid songwriting foundations to develop his own original compositions in the future.

At the end of the journey the guitar is just a powerful and beautiful mean we own to express what we deeply have inside of our soul. The good news is that arranging is a skill and exactly like all the other skills can be learned and improved. Here at the Guitar Lessons Perth – Figerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we can help you to develop your skills so that you will be able to completely enjoy your faithful instrument.

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Customer Reviews

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  • review image 1
    James Trevenen
    Such an enjoyable experience learning finger style guitar with Federico. Love your enthusiasm. Recommended.
  • thumbnail of marcelo lederman
    Marcelo Lederman
    Fred is a very experienced guitar musician, and has great teaching techniques, keeping the student engaged and motivated. Isabella is learning well and enjoying the lessons.
  • Gus Coelho
    I can highly recommend Federico for anyone wanting to learn how to ‘properly’ play the guitar. I’m into my third month now of lessons and the improvement from day 1 to now is massive!
  • Xander Moore
    I've been learning guitar for almost four years now with Federico, he is an excellent teacher and extremely skillful at the guitar. He is truly passionate about every aspect of guitar and that is what really sparked my enthusiasm for it, I had never picked up a guitar until I started lessons with Federico and now can't imagine giving it up. He consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher even helping me to select my first guitar. I am looking forward to continuing with him for many years to come.
  • letter b
    Ben Axon
    If your looking to learn the right way from the start or improve your guitar playing technique look no further than Federico's studio. I've been doing lessons for around 4 months now and even in this short amount of time have learnt invaluable skills from such an accomplished musician.<br /> Very enjoyable and relaxed lessons.
  • face
    D. Samara
    I had never played a musical instrument in my twenty-odd years until I started learning classical guitar with Federico. I am now five months into my lessons and learn so much with each passing week. Federico is vastly knowledgeable with respect to classical, acoustic and electric guitars, with a diligent, honest and fine-tuned approach to teaching and sharing his love of the instrument and the music it produces. I personally feel as though I struck gold in having him for a first music teacher. His love of both the art and the science of music is ineluctably infectious.</p> <p>Just don't mention Dire Straits in his presence because he immediately becomes giddy like a child and will talk for hours on end. Just kidding! 🙂
  • Cat head
    Joneen Carnell
    I count myself incredibly lucky to have found Federico as a teacher. The progress I have made in the six months I have been learning with him has been beyond my expectations. His teaching is carefully targeted to the needs of the individual student and makes it easy to learn new skills. Stop looking for your new guitar teacher and call him!
  • blank cutout of head
    Peter Watson
    I'm a 69 year old, 4 months into guitar lessons with Federico. Whether it's his meticulously thought out teaching methods, his infectious enthusiasm or his easy style of teaching, this process has far exceeded all my expectations. Whilst progressing at a good rate, I'm confident I'm developing good technique for future challenges and the fun only increases as each week passes. I feel fortunate to have met such an accomplished and passionate musician and feel privileged that he is my teacher. I recommend him highly.

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