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music notes

Guitar Theory

An important aspect of the learning process related not only to the guitar, but to any instrument in general, is theory.  When we talk about theory we don’t mean only the theoretical aspects related to harmony, scales and music in…

a selection of guitars

Guitar Price Guide for Beginners

Very often during our years of teaching experience we witnessed students of all ages coming to the first lesson with the most diverse range of guitars, from the extremely old and almost unusable to the most expensive one. In this…

Guitar repairs

Guitar Repairs

Are you looking for a reliable guitar technician for Guitar repairs in Perth? Or some tips for simple home fixes for a broken guitar string or general maintenance? Learning some of the basic guitar repair tricks can save you time and…

girl playing acoustic guitar

How to Teach Guitar to Kids

Teaching guitar to kids is fun and challenging. It is fun to see them learn and develop their guitar techniques further. On the other hand, it is a challenge as you need to find the best guitar teaching strategy for…

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