Bohemian Rhapsody Cover the Finger Style Version

Queen Album cover
A couple of weeks ago, just before leaving for Italy, I went down to Music Park to get my guitar back with new installed L.R.Baggs Anthem amplification system. Before leaving I tried the guitar and the guys asked me to play some of my arrangements. They brazenly:) stole a little video while I was playing Bohemian Rhapsody. From my elegant shoes you can easily understand I wasn’t aware of that but in the end it has been a good move. They published the video. on Facebook and thanks to that I will probably get two more students once I will be back on Perth. Moreover, considering how some people react to the video, I think it is time for a decent high quality video of this incredible song…  one of my next projects.
I hope you enjoy!
Federico Chianucci

This guy is amazing !

Posted by Lee Jammal on Friday, 25 October 2019

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