Federico Chianucci

About Him

Hailing from the beautiful medieval town of Arezzo, in Tuscany, the talented Federico Chianucci left her family home and travelled to Australia in search of new adventures. Adventures is exactly what he found in such an amazing country like Western Australia. The breathtaking sunsets on the beach and the unique inland landscapes fuelled his music inspiration and soon enough he made of music his way of living.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, in just few months, from busking in the city centre of Perth and around the port of Freemantle, he made its way on the guitar teaching environment working for several private schools. The enthusiasm of his students and the excellence of the results they were able to obtain following his teachings, pushed him towards the creation of the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio in Perth. A place thought for all guitar lovers who want to immerse themselves deep in the world of the six strings.

playing acoustic guitar
playing electric guitar

Music Career

The musical experience of Federico dates back to the age of 10 but ends with a stalemate after a fleeting relationship with a rhythm guitar. It takes several years before the music, by means of the classical guitar, comes knocking at Federico’s door again and this time in a decisive way. From the very first lesson, given by the master Vittorio Scartoni, he remains fascinated by the beauty and potential of the instrument. This is the beginning of a long period of study, more than 10 years, which leads Federico to perform concerts in various locations of Italy.

At the same time another kind of guitar style wins the musical soul of Federico, it is the fingerstyle of Mark Knopfler, the charismatic leader of the legendary British band Dire Straits. Initially the love for the tone and the delicate crystalline sound of Knopfler’s guitar is immense but this is only a prelude to what will prove to be a true musical vocation.

Soon Federico begins to develop not only his fingerstyle abilities but even his songwriting skills, creating a vast repertoire of more than 200 original songs. The progressive development of a unique finger-picking technique allows him to perform in an original and versatile way, and his performances are shaped on a broad repertoire of covers (Eric Clapton, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Michael Buble’, Mark Knopfler, George Michael, ect..) and originals influenced by folk, country, rock, classical and jazz.

Early in 2013 Federico moves to Perth and starts a new important chapter of his journey into music. After completing the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Music Performance at Tafe, in Leederville, and the Diploma of Jazz at Waapa, he starts working at his album of originals “I follow my soul”, planned to be released within the end of the year. He is currently running his own fingerstyle and classical guitar school in Perth and at the same time he keeps performing for private gigs and takes part to several various public events.

If you are looking for a versatile, professional, discrete and absolutely enjoyable music performance for any of your private events, Federico Chianucci will be more than happy to play his guitar for you.

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