Guitar lessons

Tuition Levels

Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio in Perth we offer not only different kinds of lessons according to the style the student would like to play with, but we also offer different kinds of lessons according to the level of the student himself. Actually, every single lesson is tailored on the student needs, in order to get the most out of him in terms of skills improvement. In fact our philosophy is based on the assumption that the teaching method should be adapted on the learning needs of the student and not viceversa, only in this way we can be really sure to maximise the chance of success of anyone.


Why You Should Learn Guitar

The reasons why learning the guitar is absolutely beneficial to any individual are almost countless. It is important to immediately highlight that there absolutely no side-effects related to the guitar, unless the real possibilty of developing a strong addiction to the instrument can be considered as such. Apart from the jokes, learning how to play an instrument, and in this particular case the guitar, represents an incredible journey which can potentially last throughout a whole a lifetime, affecting in a positive way not only the student but even all the people he will have the chance to share his passion with.


Beginner Guitar Lessons

If the student doesn’t have any experience about guitar and music in general, the right way to proceed is starting from zero the learning process, in order to gain immediately solid foundations. This can be done by mean of guitar lessons specifically thought for beginners, which will allow the student to immediately work on the picking technique on one side and on the music sight reading on the other. The student will progressively learn not only how to properly read real music sheet, but he will learn music theory as well thanks to the several practical examples he will find lesson by lesson. The goal of this kind of lessons is providing the student with a general solid base not only about the guitar technique but the music in general.


Intermediate Guitar Lessons

These lessons are designed to furtherly improve the skills doveloped by the student with the beginner lessons or with some previuos learning experience. In case of new students already able to play the guitar, it is always important to assess the validity of technique they use. Very often in fact some students can present bad playing habits or bad postures and it is essential to start working to immediately correct it. The intermediate guitar lessons are thought, not only to continue effectively the learning process, but even to correct all the possible imperfections related to the playing technique.


Advanced Guitar Lessons

These lessons are specifically centered on perfecting all the skills a good guitarist should always have. They are designed not only to continue the learning process and to broaden the student’s repertoire, but even to bring his music skills to the very next level. In particular they are focused not only how to perform extremely technical arrangements, but even on how to properly arrange a song in a fingerstyle way. In this sense this kind of lessons should help the student not only to become an accomplished guitarist but also to find his own way of performing and expressing himself through the guitar.

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