Advanced Guitar Lessons

Being An Accomplished Guitarist And Being Able To Play At An Advanced Level

Advanced Guitar lessons is a definition frequently used by music schools to mean a kind of teaching specifically focused on technically advanced picking patterns or complex fingering on the fret board. But what does really take to be an accomplished guitarist? Is it enough being able to play with a correct technique and being in complete control of the instrument?

Here at the Fingertsyle & Classical Guitar Studio we strongly believe that not only all of the above is necessary, but even more. The final goal of every musician should be getting able to playing whatever music with your own personal feeling and technical touch, arranging virtually any kind of existing songs and eventually creating your own compositions. It is evident that all of this is a process which requires not just few months of practising but years of passion and consistent dedications.

With almost 30 years of experience on all the fields above mentioned, with more than two hundreds original songs written and arranged and with several original arrangements for guitar of many amongst the most famous popular songs and movie soundtracks, here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we can assist you along your musical journey towards the excellence in guitar performing. The Advanced Guitar Lessons we can provide you with are amongst the most complete and technically advanced you can find on the market.

James Bond theme (J. Barry) – arranged and performed by Federico Chianucci

guitar neck

With us you will learn not only to play properly the guitar but even to develop correctly your own personal style of playing, you will learn how to read and understand music not just with TABS but properly on music sheets, you will learn to play original arrangements of the most beautiful and popular songs and last but not least you will gain the tools to arrange, to compose and to write your own songs.

The Importance Of The Teacher-Student Relationship In Advanced Guitar Skills

The world of guitars and music in general is an incredible and exciting world made of music knowledge, performing experience and many technical tricks and secrets very often well known only by the most consummate insiders. Usually a whole life is not enough to explore the complexity and richness of this world, particularly if you are not a professional and if you decide to undertake this journey by yourself. The importance of a professional teacher, better if a professional performer as well, with years of experience in more than one of the several music fields mentioned above is absolutely essential for succeeding in your achievements.

And not only that. The kind of relationship you develope with the person who is going to guide you through this path is going to be crucial in the way is going to affect your final result. To become a good musician practising is not enough, you need to live the music in a complete other way than the common listener usually does. In order to get to this point faster and easier developing a trustworthy and friendly relationship with a person who has been doing this for years represents an enormous advantage. There are things which can’t be taught, there are things you can only gain through your passion and from the example givens by the person who is leading you.

That is the reason why here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we take in so high consideration the relationship between teacher and student. For us it is not just a matter of teaching in a professional way but it is also a matter of sharing the passion for the most beautiful instrument you can ever play. For that and several more motivations you can be sure you will find at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio the Advanced Guitar Lessons you have been looking for.

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