Guitar Lessons For Beginners

A Common Misconception Of Beginners Learning To Play The Guitar

The general idea about beginner guitar lessons it’s usually a sort of easier approach to the guitar, maybe something extremely simple like strumming some chords which can take just few lessons to be learnt. This idea can be easily reinforced by the fact that many self-defined teachers offer free guitar lessons for beginner at the start of the learning process, as if learning chords were just a matter of few minutes spent trying to take some weird shapes on the ftreboard with the fingers. Actually this is an unforgivable misconception about the guitar and the proper way to teach it, being the chords one of the last things to be learnt in order to get a proper technique free from bad and completely wrong habits.

Unfortunately many teachers, very often moved by the best intentions, teach what they think to be good simply because they were taught that way, ignoring the fact that there are actually several different ways of playing and teaching the guitar, but only just a few really good and fruitful for the student. Therefore, assuming some bad playing habits or wrong hands/body postures due to incorrect teaching, can be really dangerous for the students and can compromise his chance of success with the instrument. The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument, from the way you can hold it to the way you can pick the strings, and as a consequence, the variables involved in the playing technique are many more of what we can wrongly think. In addition to that, once a student has assumed some wrong habits, getting rid of those it can be difficult and discouraging, putting himself in the frustrating position of wanting to improve his guitar skills but being unable to do that because of a really poor technique.

Lagrima (F. Tarrega) – performed by Federico Chianucci

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Beginner Guitar Lessons: The Most Important Aspects

Having said that, it comes as a natural consequence that beginner guitar lessons are the most important in the learning path simply because they are going to mark the track the student is going to follow during the studies. If the track is safe and free from obstacles, reaching the goal will be not only easier but even more enjoyable and less time consuming. This is why it is wiser learning to put down one finger at time on a classical guitar neck instead of trying to immediately learn chords on a metal strings guitar.

For all those reasons here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we strongly recommend to start with the study of classical guitar indipendendently from the kind of guitar you would like to play in the future, simply because you will maximise the chances to pursue successfully whatever kind of technical guitar journey you dream of.

Moreover, it is important to remember that we are specialized and we teach exclusively playing techniques based on the use of fingers and never of the pick. From this perspective there is not a better or worse playing in terms of fingers or pick, they are simply two different ways to approach the art of the guitar. It is just a matter of taste which can lead the student to choose one style or the other. What we can simply underline is that, according to our personal experience spacing from several kinds of music and guitar techniques, plucking the strings with fingers gives the guitairst a versatilty that can be hardly reached with the use of the pick, in addition to a greater control of the tone and the dynamics.

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