Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Is There A Way To Determine A Student’s Level?

What does intermediate guitar lessons mean? Is there a way to understand if a guitarist is still a beginner or is at an intermediate level already? Actually there is no a specific and univocal way to judge the level of a player because it can depend on several different aspects. Moreover a guitarist who could be considered really advanced for a teacher could be judged intermediate according to someone other’s standards. This means that every student should be judged according not only his own current ability of playing the guitar, but even according to the time he spent to get to that level, the learning method he or his teacher used to teach and his physical and psychological skills.

In other words every situation should be judged according to his general context and just in a second time we can establish the best individual path for the student. Only in this way we can assure the best results possible in term of technical skills in the shortest timeframe possible. In addition we have to consider the possibility that the student has learnt to play the guitar in a wrong way or at least not perfectly correct. In this case it is absolutely important to start working immediately on fixing all the possible issues related to his own playing technique. At the beginning this process can take a lot of time and sometimes can even frustrate the student, but only in this way the results in the long period will be succesful.

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Every Student Is Absolutely Unique

The guitar is an instrument with incredible potential and huge versatility. If this is good on one side, on the other one it means that the playing process involves a great number of  parameters. It is easily to understand that every single human being has different physical characteristics and body dimensions, more difficult is realizing how all these different features can deeply affect the way of playing the instrument. Sometimes, a technique which could perfectly natural for a student, could be extremely hard for another one just because of different physical features. A good and experienced teacher should always take into considerations and immediately analyze all these aspects, in order to start working in accordance to the individual needs every student presents. It is something not easy to do and it takes several years of study and teaching experience, only in this way a teacher can develop a clinical eye able to pick what he is looking for.

In light of what said above it is understandable why definitions such as guitar lessons for intermediate, guitar lessons intermediate or even guitar intermediate lessons don’t make great sense. To evaluate in a correct way the playing level of a musician we should analyze the whole picture, not only what is able to do technically with a guitar. A student who is able to correctly perform a given piece of music after just one year of study can’t be considered at the same level of another one who spent five years to perform the same song. Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we strongly believe in the unicity of each student and his talents, and in order to develop the full potential of anyone, we teach trying to adapt the method to the student and never the opposite.

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