How to Teach Guitar to Kids

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Teaching guitar to kids is fun and challenging. It is fun to see them learn and develop their guitar techniques further. On the other hand, it is a challenge as you need to find the best guitar teaching strategy for your learners. Guitar teachers walk the extra mile to help young students learn to play the instrument. They use various techniques to catch your kid’s attention and help them learn effectively. They use systematic strategies to teach an easy guitar song for beginners down to exposing them to more advanced music. In that way, they can get used to playing different genres.

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Here are Effective Strategies on How to Teach Guitar to Kids:

Start with familiar songs

 It is always best to start with easy and familiar songs to motivate your kids to learn. There are songs with simple melodies that can help their dexterity in playing. Teaching acoustic guitar songs for beginners is a nice touch of experience. There are lots of acoustic songs with easy melodies that are familiar to kids. There are a few games you can try to make the lesson become more fun and interesting. It can help them become more confident in learning and playing the guitar. As a guitar teacher, always think of a way to motivate your learners. Exhaust all the means of learning especially when teaching guitar to young learners.

Focus on the melody

 When teaching guitar for kids, always remember to use a systematic approach such as starting with easy and familiar songs and focusing on a certain genre. Focus your lessons on melodies and riffs as it can help in the mastery of the song. There is also a rhythm in the melody of the song. By focusing on the melody aspect, young learners will learn quicker and be able to play the guitar effectively. If you want your learners to become an excellent guitar player, focus on melodies. Train them to listen and memorise the beat of the music. It is guaranteed that after they have learned how to listen to music, they will start acquiring the guitar techniques naturally. It will also enable them to play other types of guitar music in the future.

Teach them basic chords

 If they know the melody, then they can play the chords melodically. Chords serve as the building blocks of the songs that give harmony to the music when playing. Let them try playing songs with chords to enhance their chordal skills. Start with the basic chords to the more advanced. Additionally, at this point, you will be teaching your learners how to play the chords in the guitar. A proper finger technique is needed to hit the notes correctly. Kids may find it overwhelming when they see a lot of chords. However, let them start with the open chords and move to the seventh chords and beyond later.


The bottom line…

As a guitar teacher, you have to be patient when teaching young learners. Kids have a different attitude towards learning and it is your obligation to keep on motivating them throughout the learning process. Make each guitar lesson fun, interesting and interactive. Use different types of strategies to aid in your guide sessions. Always remember to use a systematic approach! Do not use any shortcut strategy as it can affect their learning. Lastly, let them discover the best guitar techniques by themselves. Encourage them to practice all the time and continue learning!





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