Guitar Styles

Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio in Perth we are happy to offer several types of guitar lessons in order to suit the most diverse range of students, both in terms of age and level. If you want to play your guitar with fingers, whetever guitar style you prefer, here you can find the lesson for you:

Classical Guitar Lessons

This kind of lessons is specifically based on the classical guitar technique and it represents the technical foundations for not only the classical path, but even for the development of the basics of the all the different fingerpicking styles.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

These lessons are designed to teach how to properly apply a correct fingerpicking technique on an acoustic guitar. It is actually less easy than what we could think and this is the reason why it is extremely valuable the fact that here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we are specialized on different musical fields of fingerstyle. This allows us to take the best in terms of teaching method and playing technique from all the different ambits.

Electric Guitar Lessons

The electric guitar lessons are thought to teach the student how to play an electric guitar just with his fingers, without the use of the pick. In this case, even more than the case of the acoustic guitar lessons, it is essential to be already skilled enough to master the basic fingerstyle technique. Again, this is the reason why starting with lessons on a nylon strings guitar is usually the best way.

Kids Guitar Lessons

These  lessons are particularly focused on helping even the younger students to learn consistently and correctly in an engaging and relaxing atmosphere. For sure playing an instrument should involve fun and enjoyment, but we shouldn’t forget that to succeed in any pursuit we decide to attempt we need consistency and dedication, and this is true for young kids too. In this case a good teacher should be able to mix fun and discipline in such a way that the student can be happy to attend the lessons and can feel responsible for the succees of his own achievement.

Adults Guitar Lessons

This kind of lessons is thought for all those people who wants to learn to play the guitar and didn’t have the chance to do it early in their life. The learning needs can be extremely different from the ones of a younger students, but this doesn’t mean that an adult cannot easily succeed in becoming a good guitarist. Amongst the several students we taught during these years there are both men and women in their 70s, and they were all good students.

Group Lessons or Jam Sessions

Only when a student is at a level good enough to interact with other musicians we can start this kind of lessons. Only in this way the student will get the most from the collaborations with other students, without the risk of being frustrated or feeling not ready.

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