Acoustic Guitar Lessons

The Most Played Modern Instrument Is The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar, and we usually tend to define with this term a guitar with metal strings which can be played not electrically amplified, is for sure the most played instrument in the field of rock and pop music. This is the reason why acoustic guitar lessons and beginner acoustic guitar lessons are usually the most common type of music lessons you can find in any modern music school.The acoustic guitar is frequently used by songwriters to strum chords in order to get a nice harmonic base to sing along their original compositions. Another common use it is the one within a rock or pop band, where usually it can help not only to provide interesting harmonies but it can also reinforce the groove provided by the drums and the bass guitar locked together.

The acoustic guitar is mainly played with a pick, but thanks to the internet and social media in general, in the last 10-15 years a technique called fingerstyle has spread incredibly particulary amongst the younger generations. Amongst the biggest acoustic guitarists which adopted this style of playing we can remember the legendary Chet Atkins and the astonishing Tommy Emmanuel, two pillars in the evolution of the genre.

Layla (E. Clapton) – arranged and performed by Federico Chianucci

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With almost 30 years of experience this is what we are specials in here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio. Literally fingerstyle means simply playing with fingers and not with the pick, something that guitarists have already been doing with the classical guitar for centuries. But unlikely the classical guitar the approach of the fingerstyle is more instinctive oriented and very often technically not so well structured. This means that there are not precise rules on the body posture and the positions of arms, hands and fingers are completely left to the feel of the musician. If on one side this complete freedom can gives ground to originality and innovation, on the other hand it is much more common as a result a poor playing technique and quite frequently an almost total absence of dynamics and tone control. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to become a great guitarist starting your study with acoustic guitar lessons, but simply that there are easier, faster and safer paths to get to the same result.

The Importance Of A Correct Approach To Acoustic Guitar Practice

This is the reason way here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we strongly suggest all our students to start with the classical guitar technique, in order to get immediately a solid and correct technique. Once the student can master the classical fundamentals then he can easily start exploring different fingerstyle techniques, but this time with a guitar knowledge and technical skills which are indispensable not to fall in the danger of bad habits of poor playing technique. All around the world there are many incredible guitarists with an imperfect or incomplete technique. This doesn’t diminuish in any way their works or their abilities, but surely, if they weren’t limited by their technical flaws, they could have achieved their accomplishments much easier and probably even gone further.

Moreover the acoustic guitar is extremely painful to play for a beginner. In fact the sharpness of the metal strings, the great tension of the strings itself and the small width of the neck are usually the main reasons for a students to quit. On the other hands the softness of the nylon strings of a classical guitar and the comfortable dimensions on the neck create the ideal conditions to get the best acoustic guitar lessons for beginners possible.

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