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When It Come to Adults Guitar Lessons, Playing The Guitar Is A Matter Of Brain, Not Fingers

An extremely common misconception about guitar is the one related to the most important skill in order to succeed in playing it. Usually ordinary people when watching some good guitarists permorming are extremely impressed by the precision and the speed of the fingers. This immediately leads them to think that to perform that way it is necessary having extraordinary skills related to fingers dexterity, elasticity and speed of execution. And actually it is really easy being led to believe that any very good musician had to be naturally gifted in order to achieve what he has been able to achieve.

The good news is that is absolutely not true. The percentage of population which can be considered extraordinary gifted, the ones we use to call genius, accounts just for an extremely small percentage. This means that there are many average people who have been able to achieve extremely high levels in guitar playing, without the chance of exploiting any extraordinary talent. So, how is it possible for a common person succeeding in becoming a great guitarist?

What a wonderful world (L. Armstrong) – arranged and performed by Federico Chianucci

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The reason is simple. Playing the guitar is not a matter of physical ability, it is simply a matter of brain training and practice consistency. The history of music is full of amazing examples of people who have been able to overcome huge difficulties or physical disabilities in order to become incredible successful musician. Django Reinhart for instance is considered one of the greatest of all time and he was able to reach such musical status even if he lost the use of the the pinky and the ring finger of his left hand in a fire.

It’s Never Too Late For Adult Guitar Lessons

All these considerations should be a great encouragement for anyone who wants to start playing the guitar, in particular for those who never had the chance and now think it’s too late, but even for those who failed in the past and now think they are not skilled enough to succeed. The truth is that it is never too late to start playing guitar, the only limit we have to overcome is in our mind. There is no need to say that a young kid will be probably advantaged in terms of fingers elasticity, but it doesn’t mean that an adult person won’t be able to succeed as well. It can even happen sometimes that an adult will need less time to learn than many other younger students. Playing the guitar is not a matter of age, again, it is just a matter of brain, will power and consistency. All of these are not extraordinary skills, are skills common to anyone. What really makes the difference is the use we do of it.

Moreover learning the guitar in an adult age will bring numerous health benefits, giving the chance to the student to keep the brain alive, to increase the hands coordination and to perfect precision and speed of movements. It is instead almost impossible to quantify the extent of the psycological impact simply because music is food for the soul. Once you are able to play the guitar, you will be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life, it will literally become a faithful companion along the journey of the existence. Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we are well aware of it and it is the main reason why we are so extremely enthusiast about teaching this beautiful instrument. If you are not a kid anymore but you are still looking for guitar lessons in Perth, the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio is the place for you.

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