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The Classical Guitar is an Instrument of the People

The classical guitar is arguably one of the most beautiful and versatile amongst the classical instruments but, unfortunately, at the same time, one of the most underestimated. This is mainly due to the fact that because of its popular roots it could hardly find place in aristocratic salons and classical orchestras. It was only in the first part of the last century that, thanks to great guitarists such as Andre’ Segovia, the classical guitar saw a surprising resurgence. Nowadays the classical guitar is, alongside the piano, one of the most taught instruments in schools.

The fact that it is also easy to carry on and reasonably cheap to buy, certainly contributed to spread the fame of the guitar worldwide. At the same time, the evolution of music gave this instrument the chance to evolve and to adapt to the needs of the modern music of the time. In this way variations of it such as the acoustic and electric came to life, giving the guitar a special and irreplaceable place in the history of music.

Estudio in E minor (F. Tarrega) – performed by Federico Chianucci

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Why The Classical Guitar Is A Favorable Learning Path

Amongst all different kinds of guitar, the classical version is the one which offers the safer learning path to gain a correct playing technique, which could eventually bring the student, in a second time, to explore different kinds of guitar and different kinds of technique with relative ease. It is really important to highlight the fact that the classical guitar technique is exclusively based on the use of fingers to pluck the strings, in particular fingertips or fingernails. The pick is never used, even in case of strumming. This the reason why, if on one side it is quite common for classical guitarists to move to the acoustic or electric guitar quite successfully, the opposite it is far less common, simply because both the electric and the acoustic ones are mainly played with the pick. At this point it is simple to understand why learning the classical guitar can be so valuable and inspirational. After all, the classical guitar is being around for centuries and all the others kinds of guitar are evolution’s of it.

Another important aspect which gives the classical guitar a special spot in the world of the six strings is the fact that, because of the wider width of the neck and the softness of the nylon strings, it is easy approchable both for kids and beginners of every age. Both the electric and the acoustic guitars instead, because of their metal strings and their narrower neck, can be extremely challenging for anyone who wants to undertake the study of the guitar without any previous experience.

In addition to what has been said above, we have to consider that, amongst all the different guitar kinds, the method of study for classical guitar is the most precise and careful of even the smallest details. Aspects such as the posture of the body and the importance of dynamics are central in the study of classical guitar, whereas are barely taken into consideration in the case of acoustic or electrical guitar. And this is the main reason why even to play fingerstyle, term which defines a relatively modern way of playing with fingers on acoustic guitars, the approach to the guitar from a classical point of view will give the student powerful and precise technical foundations, which will allow him to get the most out of any of the challenges is going to experience in the study of further different techniques.

For all this reasons the student who wants to learn the classical guitar knows from the start that in doing so he is going to choose the safest and the most complete path to enter the world of guitars. Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Studio with almost 30 years of experience in the field we can easily and fruitfully guide you along this incredible trip.

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