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Guitar Technique Improvement’s Are A Never Ending Journey

One of the most exciting aspects of playing the guitar is that a whole life is usually not enough to explore and to experience all the infinite possibilities this instrument has to offer. In other words, as a guitarist with the right attitude about broadening his own music horizons will never stop learning, in the same way a teacher with the same attitude will never stop discovering new teaching techniques to improve what he is already able to provide the students with. Very often teaching a student can be a different way to learn in turn, because we are all unique in the way we are and in the way we act.

A guitarist or a teacher who feels to be already completely and definitely accomplished is just deceiving himself, and actually he is limiting himself in the neverending learning process. This is the kind of mentality behind the teaching method we offer here at Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio because we strongly believe that only a reciprocal open minded relationship teacher-student can be warranty of a final success.

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The guitar has to offer so many different alternatives in the ways it can be played in order to suit at best all existing genres of music. But at the same time, even within just one playing technique ambit, the amount and the variety of improvements we can achieve is simply countless.

So Much To Work On To Improve Guitar Technique

Starting from the basics we cannot avoid to mention all the aspects relative to the timinig and rhythm of the picking. Whatever instrument we play, performing maintaining the correct rhythm is very often not enough to give a memorable execution. A good musician should be able to play not only on the beat but even “around” the beat, in order to pull back or to push forward the groove of the music according to the sensations he wants to convey to the audience.  This is a kind of skill that can be continuosly improved during the years and only by mean of consistency and experience.

Another essential aspect of the way a guitarist performs is the ability to control the dynamics and the quality of the notes he plays. A great feature of playing the guitar fingertsyle, is that any vibration on the strings is directly generated by the touch of the fingers without the mediation of any mechanical mean. This translates into the fact that every single note is potentially “alive” in the hands of the musician, and it is his own job to be capable to express it. Again, even this kind of skill can be perfected throughout a continuos process of practice and dedication, and it represents one of the biggest challenges for any musician.

Last but not least we have to consider all the improvements we can achieve in a more technical context. Every musician has different hands shape, fingers lenght, flexibility, proportional body dimension, natural skills, ect… all of this means an incredible amount of variables are involved in the playing process, and all of these variables can be “scientifically” analyzed in order to improve their single contribute to the overall playing technique. It is not an easy process to do, particularly because it demands a great experience and the ability to “find” what we are looking for from a purely technical prospective. Here at the Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio, with almost 30 years of experience on the field, we can easily assist you in the exciting process of perfecting your technique, whatever level you are.

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