Guitar Teaching Methods

Our Guitar Teaching Methods Are Refined With Years Of Teaching And Study

Sometimes learning how to properly play the guitar can be not so easy, but teaching can be really challenging as well. First of all it is important to highlight that being a good guitarist is not enough to be a good teacher. One thing is playing perfectly a piece of music, completely different is being able to show others in an easy and understandable way, not only how to play, but the correct process to learn how to properly play it . This is the reason why a good teacher should not only keep on practicing his guitar skills in order to show how a song should be properly performed, but he should also keep on improving his teaching methods, exploring new techniques and keeping on studying to improve himself. The idea is that whatever your guitar level is, you will never stop learning throughout your whole life, and this is true both for the student and the teacher.

Should a guitar teacher feel to be an already accomplished guitarist, with nothing important left to learn, he would make an incredible mistake. He would put limits to himself and automatically would limit the complete achieving of his potential both as a guitarist and as a teacher. A good teacher instead should always question in a constructive way his guitar teaching methods, in order to refine them by means of the experiences and the new technical discoveries he will continuosly make during the years.

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Every Students Has Unique Skills And Unique Needs To Consider When Teaching Guitar

Another essential feature of a successful guitar teaching method is having clear on mind that every student is different from the others, with his own skills and his own learning needs. According to this vision the method should be always adapted on the student and not viceversa, only in this way the teacher can maximise the effectiveness of every lesson. Being able to put himself in the student’s shoes it is essential for the final success. For some students there could be the need of working more on technical aspects, for others understanding completely the theory aspect will make the difference. But not only that, if the guitar teacher is humble and open minded enough, he will discover that he has the chance to learn something by any single student. The relationship student-teacher shouldn’t be one way direction, but to be as fruitful as possible should be two way directions, both can give and both can get.

In this sense there is not an absolute best method for teaching guitar, but there is the best method for that individual student. One thing it is considering the best method to play the instrument, and every different guitarist may have his own idea, completely different instead it is considering the best way to teach the instrument. Very often there is a lot of confusion about these two aspects and some not experienced teachers tend to identify playing technique and teaching method as a unique package which can’t be altered in any possible way. This is wrong, the teaching method should adapt to the individual student in order to make him understand and learn as best as possible the correct playing technique.

But in the end, is there a way to verify if a method is good? Absolutely yes, you can verify it by the way older students play the guitar, by how long it took to them to get to that level and by the enthusiasm they keep following the lessons with. Here at Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we are happy and proud to say that we have several students who have been keeping following our lessons for years, and they are, not only completely fallen in love with the instrument, but also on the right path to become very good accomplished guitarists.

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