Why Choose Guitar Lessons Perth For Your Music Journey

Here at the Guitar Lessons Perth – Fingerstyle & Classical Guitar Studio we strongly believe that one of the duties of a good guitar teacher is keeping on improving his own teaching skills in order to provide the students with an effective and reliable method. But not only that, even the teaching tools can be improved to make life easier for anyone who wants to undertake the study of the guitar.

Following these convictions everyday we look for new ideas, new exercises, new songs to play and new ways to express concepts sometimes not so easy to grasp. And it is exactly how our new smart guitar came to life, a simple and not extremely original idea, but surely a powerful teaching tool.

In fact, one of the biggest problems of the students is understanding how the notes are distributed along the fretboard of the guitar. Very often they look at the neck of the guitar almost in a hopeless way, lost in the endless number of all the same looking frets.

The good news for our students is that by now onwards we have a new smart guitar which can tell you immediately which note you find on every single fret, but most of all, can immediately show how a guitar works in terms of relationship between one string and the other. All of a sudden all those weird scales and weird positions on the fretboard start making sense, and eventually, understanding deeply how a guitar works is not so impossible anymore.

Understanding in fact is the first important step on the learning path becase. There is a huge difference between doing something simply because someone told you, but you don’t know why, and doing something because you completely understood what is the reason behind it. In the second case the result of your practicing will be much more powerful because it is based on a theoretical explanation you can easily connect with by virtue of your previous understanding.

We hope to see you soon at our studio so that you can personally experience how effective can be not only our smart guitar but even any different aspect of our teaching method, which is specifically focused on all the possible needs a the student can face.

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