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Are Online Guitar Lessons Good?

One of the several fields which can deeply benefit by the continuos improvements of technology is for sure the one related to the education. There are thousands and thousands of video tutorials on how to learn a musical instrument at all levels, and probably the biggest number is about the guitar. This abundance of learning material it surely constitutes an incredible richness for the society in general, but unfortunately not all the material available on line is good. On the contrary, just a small part is really effective and can be considered safe from a technical point of view. There are in fact many people who think of being good enough to teach others, but very often their method or their technique lacks in several important aspects of the teaching process.

We are not saying that any person who want to play the guitar should aspire to become an incredible guitarist. We simply want to highlight the fact that playing the guitar is a highly technical task, and there is an incredible numbers of variables involved in it.

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Having a full understanding of all these variables takes a lot of time and dedication, and only by mean of a complete knowledge of it we can professionally teach in a correct way. If this is not the case, the playing technique will be inevitably deeply affected by some crucial factors which could easily translate in an extremely hard playbility of the instrument for the student. This is why it is so important getting good learning material, possibly the best online guitar lessons available, independently from the level of playing we would like to reach. In this sense good online guitar lessons can be extremely useful but they will never take the place of a real teacher which will always be present to correct and to properly guide the student.

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This is the reason why you will hardly ever find on this site beginner guitar lessons online. According to our vast experience it is simply technically too dangerous not having a real teacher always ready to guide and to assess the student, at least during the first years of study. There are already many online teacher specialised in lessons for beginner, we prefer to provide material for those guitarists who are already able to play the instrument at a certain level and want to broaden their repertoire and to perfect the technique.

In order to do that, we will progressively upload videos and recording of well known songs personally rearranged to suit our style at best. Beside the videos we would like to provide detailed music sheets and Tabs in such a way to get life easier for anyone who wants to learn our arrangements. Unfortunately preparing all this material in a complete and professional way takes a lot of effort in terms of time and energy. This is the reason why we will start in the near future as soon as ready, and we hope to continue progressively in time. Stay in touch if interested and feel free to send suggestions, we are open to any good idea.

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